Impose sanctions on Shavendra Silva: Liberal Democratic Party leader urges UK Foreign Office

Leader of the Liberal Democratic party, Ed Davy, has urged the UK Foreign Office to impose sanctions on Sri Lankan army commander, and alleged war criminal, Shavendra Silva.

In his statement, Davey highlighted the role Silva played as the commander of the notorious 58th Division of Sri Lanka’s army and noted reported atrocities including the extrajudicial killing of civilians. It further drew on the extensive work of the International Truth and Justice Project which has compiled a detailed dossier documenting Shavendra’s role in mass atrocities including summary executions; the shelling of hospital and food lines; the white phosphorus against civilians; rape and sexual violence; and enforced disappearances.

Davey’ statement comes as he spoke with the International Centre for Prevention and Prosecution of Genocide. In their statement, they further highlighted an early debate motion tabled by McLaughlin Anne, MP for Glasgow North. The motion called on the UK Foreign Office to follow the lead of the US by adding Shavendra Silva to the Global Human Rights Sanction regime.

They note that this would demonstrate “ the UK’s commitment to international human rights obligations and that international action is the only way that accountability, reconciliation and peace” will come to Sri Lanka.

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