Implementation of the 13th Amendment will not affect the self-determination: Vigneswaran

The demand for the implementation of the 13th Amendment will not affect the struggle of the Tamil people for their right to self-determination but will strengthen the struggle for their rights, Member of Parliamentarian V. Vigneswaran said.

In the manifesto put forward by your party in the last election, you stated that the political solution of the Tamil people must be reached through a referendum conducted by the international community. But why are you now trying to find a solution under the 13th Amendment? Vigneswaran said this in response to a question asked.

The recent decision of several Tamil parties to join us in urging India to implement the 13th Amendment has nothing to do with our political solution. This is a move that seeks to use for our own protection some of the positive provisions of the 13th Amendment, which already exists in the unitary constitution of Sri Lanka.



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