“I want justice for my brother’s death”: Vidushan’s sister

Younger sister of Chandran Vidushan (21), who was arrested by the police last Wednesday and died, said that he was beaten to death in front of her. 

While speaking to the media, She said that she wanted justice for her brothers death. Shee also said,

“My brother was made to lean on wall and kicked, even the wall broke down. ‘Who gave them the power to do so? i don’t belive the autopsy report. I have doubt, proper justice should be given. How my brother who was handcuffed can swallo drugs?, the are covering something else?”

However, the police said, according to the the autopsy it is revealed that he had died because he has swallowed 4 drug bags.

In this case, the magistrate visited the body of the deceased and ordered an autopsy. Meanwhile, a special police team headed by Valaichenai Regional Superintendent of Police Jayantha has been set up and is being investigated.

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