“I feel sad when I think that my son is not with me” -Balanathan Sathish


Twelve years after the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, relatives of those kidnapped, arrested and disappeared by Sri Lankan government forces and intelligence agencies are still conducting a series of protests today.

However, the Sri Lankan government failed to take responsibility for the disappearances. After losing their relatives with the head of the family, the children, the parents, and the spouse to the government forces, will they not come back?

The families of the disappeared are living in a miserable state of mind. Many of the families of the disappeared suffered psychologically, and some are addicted to alcoholism.

Amirtham Lakshmi, a mother who is waiting for her son, engaged in a protest organized by the Missing Persons Association in the Tamil homeland in Vavuniya district, hoping that her missing son will return.

How can we tell the mother’s situation, who lost her husband 14 years ago, desperately searching for her missing son to this day?

“This loneliness, where my son is not with me, is heavy for me. This loneliness is enough, Lord. Bring my son to me. Why did no one understand me for 13
years after losing a child? Why is there still no
justice for my struggle? “she continues to speak to us.

“I live in a village called Katkuli in Vavuniya district. My husband died in 2007 due to illness. I have only two children. One child left for India in 2004. My second son, Sathiyarupan, comforted me. On November 19, 2008, when my son was at home with two friends, the electricity goes off at around midnight. Then some people came home in
the White Van. They had guns in their hands. They covered their faces so that they could not be recognized. Then, they entered the house and took my son away. Please don’t take my child. I cried and begged. Why are you taking my child?; I shouted down the street. Finally, they dragged me into the street and carried my son into the white van without answering. Then I went to the police station, informed the Human Rights Commission,
registered a complaint, and went to some human rights organizations and complained that “my son has been kidnapped.” Then the people in the human rights organizations said, “we will search for your son.” But to this day, no one has given any information about my son.

He was 20 years old when he kidnapped my son. I have been looking for my son for 13 years since then. It has not been found to date. Where is my son now?

There was only one picture of my son. He kept it inside the house. My relations fight with me and burn down my house. The picture of his son, which kept inside the house, also burned. The picture is the only thing that comforted me. I am protesting here in the hope that one day my son will come to me.”

Father’s Death: 2007
Mother’s Name: Amritam Lakshmi
Son’s Name: Amritam Sathiyaroopan (Arrested : 19.11.2008)
Location – Vavuniya Karkuzhi Village

The issue of the disappeared person is not an issue that started yesterday. It is a form of genocide that has taken place directly and indirectly since 1980 until

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