Gas and transport shortage due to USD issue

Sri Lanka is currently facing a severe gas shortage as three gas tankers are being anchored off the Sri Lankan waters due to the non-issuance of letters of credit by Sri Lankan commercial banks in the face of the dollar crisis, Colombo sources said.

Since last Friday distribution of Litro gas has come to a complete halt. Our reporters confirmed that people from most of the areas in the country are complaining about the gas shortage in their respective areas.

Due to the shortage, operations of crematoriums, factories and large scale hotels, bakeries have been severely affected. “Some 1000 bakeries have already halted their operations temporarily due to the lack of gas,” a spokesman for the All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association said.

Meanwhile, the Lanka Private Bus Owners’ (LPBOA) today announced that they will operate a limited number buses tomorrow only to facilitate school children and office staff in the morning and evening.

Addressing the media LPBOA Chairman Gemunu Wijerathne said there will be no buses operating at night.

He said, only 25% of private buses are currently running due to the current fuel shortage.

He said, although the Transport Ministry agreed to provide sufficient diesel from Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) depots, there is an unpleasant situation prevails in the depots over issuing diesel.

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