Financial crisis, SLAF stops purchasing new Aircrafts

Financial crisis affects the Sri Lankan forces, the Air Force has decided not purchase any new aircraft for the SLAF fleet this year.

Commander of the Air Force Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana said in addressing a media briefing on Wednesday (12).

Only essential aircraft were being currently maintained, only the aircraft required to maintain national security and other essential operations were being maintained to save forex reserves in the country.

SLAF has already been able to secure a large amount of foreign revenue by repairing its aircraft in Sri Lanka. The Aircraft Overhaul Wing of the SLAF established at Katunayake has been responsible for the overhaul of many aircraft including Y-12, PT-6, K-8, F-7 BS and F-7 GS aircraft over the past five years.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Air Force was able to earn around US 110 million dollars foreign revenue since 2014 for the government from SLAF’s deployment of a aviation unit under the UN Mission in Central African Republic, he added.

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