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Encroaching Tamils’ lands: Sri Lanka’s Buddhisation amid pandemic

Amid Covid-19 travel restrictions, the foundation stone has laid in the excavations sites at Kurunthur Hills of Mullatitivu, to construct common hall for Kurundavashoka Rajamaha Vihara and office of the Sri Lanka’s Department of Archaeology. 

The foundation stone laying ceremony was held on June 13 (Sunday) with the participation of Major General Upali Rajapakse, Chief of Sri Lankan Security Forces, Mullaitivu. 

Already 79 acres of land have been identified and marked as Kurunthur Hill Archaeological Area by the Survey Department of Sri Lanka. But now, the Kurunthur Hills Vihara official Facebook page claims that the main site of the Ancient Vihara of Kurunthur Hills is now planned to be defined as 420 acres, has caused shock among the Tamil people.

In February, the Department of Archaeology, alongside State Minister of National Heritage Vitdyra Wickramanayaka, removed a Hindu shrine at the Kurunthur Malai Athi Ayan Temple and replaced it with a Buddhist statue.

The continuous ‘state-sponsored Sinhala colonisation and Buddhisation’ activities in Tamil home land are proving that the Sri Lankan government is actively involving in structural genocide since the end of war. 


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