Education in danger: Sri Lankan students climb trees to catch the internet

COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected almost all the fields, and education is one among them. As mobile phones and the internet has started influencing the future of education, students in developing countries are struggling to access it.

By the way, getting online school lessons for remote Sri Lankan village residents requires a trek through dense bushes sometimes visited by leopards and elephants.

The teachers and about 45 schoolchildren in Bohitiwaya climb more than 3 kilometres (2 miles) to the top of a rock to find an internet signal.

Information technology teacher Nimali Anuruddhika uses the signal to upload lessons for her students who haven’t been able to go to school because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The students who also live in the village make the same climb to download online lessons uploaded by their teachers.

The students in war-affected regions of Sri Lanka are also facing huge hurdles in accessing online education.

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