Financial crisis, Sri Lankans leave country


As Sri Lanka is struggling with an economic crisis, its inflation rate has surged to 12.1 per cent as of December, last year.

Due to the economic crisis, around 120,000 Sri Lankans have left Sri Lanka in 2021 seeking foreign employment, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Mar-ket Diversification said yesterday (31).

Around 30,000 have gone to Qatar, 27,000 to Saudi Arabia, 20,000 to UAE, 1,400 to South Korea, 1,100 to Singapore, 1,600 to Cyprus and 800 to Japan despite the COVID-19 pan-demic, Ministry further added.

Long queues had been observed in recent months at the Passport Office and the De-partment of Immigration and Emigration which are longer than queues for essential items. Many Sri Lankans are dissatisfied with the economic situation and many voters are disappointed by the government.

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