Drones can be a financial boon to the economy of Tamils

Tamil Diaspora News organizations continuously research ways to liberate the Tamils from the slave economy that the oppressive Sri Lankan government has forced our people into.

Following discussions with many intellectuals and economists in the technology sector, US Tamils are convinced that drone research and development can be a very useful path forward for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Tamils should research and develop drones that can be produced and utilized in the Tamil homeland of North-East Sri Lanka.

It is essential that Tamils promote their economy in hi-tech fields rather than depending on others. If we develop a strong economy, Tamils can be respected and can be freed from the shackles of a slave economy. It will therefore also move us toward the goal of political independence.

The use of drones will only increase in the future, as this technology has many applications in real life. Drones can harvest coconuts, papayas, mangoes, jackfruits, breadfruit and more from trees. Drones can be used in agricultural fields as well, helping to spread fertilizer, irrigate paddy fields, and safely spray pesticides.

Drones can be used for transporting goods (mail, parcels, etc.) from one place to another. This will lessen the need for courier services. Additionally, drones can be used to monitor crimes, particularly in Jaffna, and eradicate the sword-wielders. Drones can also help detect other crimes, especially drug trafficking, and increase overall safety.

Tamils should become involved in this growing sector of the economy, both drone research and development, such as by starting a drone R&D industrial complex. Funding and valuable guidance may come from Western universities that are already doing substantial research on drones.

When the drones to help Tamils are in actual use, it is likely that many diaspora Tamils will come forward to provide monetary assistance, and that investment will be worth it. Drones can generate foreign financial income for Tamils. It can be a financial boon. The time to become actively involved in this technology is now.

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