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‘Democracy’ in militarised Sri Lanka

Today, the International Day of Democracy is observed across the world. On this day, Tamil politicians in Sri Lanka have expressed their concerns on how the Sri Lankan government continuous anti-democratic attitude poses threats to the Eelam Tamil community. 

In an interview with Ilakku Tamil media, Former Tamil Parliamentarian Ariyanenthiran says, “Repression continues to remember the people killed in the war, Prevention of Terrorism Act not yet repealed. In the midst of this, the Sri Lankan government passed the emergency regulations in Parliament.”

He further said that the Tamil people are searching the democracy in Sri Lanka.

Former Northern Provincial Council Member Durairasa Ravikarain express his worries about the military occupation in Tamil regions.

“In Sri Lanka, democracy is fading out; the military dictatorship has gradually implemented. From Covid-19 tasks to land development, almost every important field is under military control. As far as our Mullaitivu district is concerned, Tamil people lands are being grabbed. Water bodies in Tamil areas are being occupied to build military camps,” Ravikaran said.

Former Tamil Parliamentarian Sivasakthi Ananthan says, International Democracy Day is a farce for Sri Lanka.

“Under the guise of democracy, the government duping the people who gave the power. The government leads the country towards dictatorship,” he said.


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