Crime rate rises in Jaffna – doctor vacates house after several attacks

Hardly any day goes by without ‘breaking news’ of murders, thefts and other crimes.

The rise in crime in recent times is largely due to the economic crisis although the police downplay the issue and accuse the media of giving undue coverage for such incidents.

The country’s law and order situation reached the level where a doctor’s family in Jaffna was forced to vacate their rented house this week after handing in the keys to the nearby police station. The house had been given under a long-term lease to the family of the medical professional and it came under attack multiple times by armed violent gangs who damaged vehicles and properties.

The house ownership is claimed by another party after the death of the owner. The family blamed the police that despite several complaints lodged on such violent sword-gang attacks and threats issued to them earlier, no action was taken.

Firstly, the family decided to hand over the key to the Secretary to the Divisional Secretary but since he refused to accept it, they submitted it to the police station where their several complaints are still pending and said to be “under investigation” by the senior officers.

The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

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