Covid-19 tally exceeds to 600 million


The global coronavirus tally has exceeded 600 million, according to TASS calculations based on official statistics made public in the mass media.

However, it is impossible to say how many people have had COVID-19 because official statistics count only confirmed infection cases whereas many people have had the disease two or even three times.

Eight countries account for more than a half of all coronavirus cases. They are the United States (around 94 million cases), India (44 million cases), France (35 million cases), Brazil (34 million cases), Germany (32 million cases), the United Kingdom (24 million cases), South Korea (23 million cases), and Italy (22 million cases). The highest incidence rates per 100,000 people are reported from Slovenia (53,700 cases), Austria (53,000 cases), and Portugal (53,300 cases).

Coronavirus-related fatalities exceed 6.4 million globally. The current mortality rate in 1.08%, one of the lowest in the past two years. Since last December, mortality has been growing insignificantly, despite a dramatic growth in morbidity.

The biggest number of fatalities is reported from the United States (1.06 million), Brazil (683,000), and India (527,000). In relative terms, the highest mortality rates are in Peru (635 deaths per 100,000 people), Bulgaria (549), Bosnia-Herzegovina (495), and Hungary (493).



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