Councillor arrested for trying to smuggle cocaine worth ₹360 crores to Sri Lanka

A DMK councillor and a former councillor have been arrested by Tamil Nadu coastal police in connection with the seizure of cocaine worth ₹360 crores destined for Sri Lanka from Rameswaram.

On Saturday (26 November 2022), coast guard conducted an intensive surveillance activity on the Mandapam-Vedalai road near Rameswaram in Ramanathapuram district.

Police stopped a speeding luxury car during the search and discovered 20 liters of cocaine raw substance stored in 30 containers. Following an investigation, it was discovered that the raw substance was planned to be transported to Sri Lanka in a boat owned by Sadiq Ali, 36, of Rameshwaram.

The police seized the drug and arrested the brothers in the car, Jainuddin (45), a former DMK councilor of Keezhakarai municipality, and Sarbraz Nawaz (42), currently the DMK councilor of 19th ward of Rameshwaram.

The value of the drugs seized is touted to fetch around ₹360 crore in the international drug racket. This is the first time that police have seized high-value drugs intended for smuggling into Sri Lanka in the Ramanathapuram district.

The DMK brothers, who were involved in drug trafficking to Sri Lanka, are running a cargo truck service company. They were investigated by central and state intelligence agencies for possible links to international drug trafficking and ‘mafia’ gangs. The attempt to smuggle drugs worth crores of rupees into Sri Lanka in a country boat disguised as a fisherman has shocked the fishermen in the locality.

Many say that such activities are bringing disrepute and affects the livelihood of the community as it raises concerns among Sri Lankan Navy who use this as a pretext to arrest and detain them.

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