Complaint on journalist for reporting on scam in Northern Province Hospital

A complaint has been lodged with the police against a journalist who exposed corruption at the Northern Provincial Epidemiological Hospital in Kilinochchi based on an audit report.

Following this, it is reported that the journalist Murugaya Tamil Selvan has been called to the police station and obtained a statement.

The Audit Department had investigated and submitted a report on the scandals at the Northern Province Infectious Diseases Hospital.

The journalist who received a copy of the report wrote a news report based on it. The news was published in newspapers and on websites.

In this case, the complaint was made by the Director of Regional Health Services and the statement was recorded by the police.

Social activists in Kilinochchi have stated that in the past whenever such scandal was reported there was an investigation on it. but now the journalist who has reported the scam is being threatened.

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