Chinese company demands economic sanctions on Sri Lanka


A Chinese company exporting organic fertiliser to Sri Lanka has intensified its fight against Sri Lanka. It is also proposed to impose economic and trade sanctions on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has rejected the organic fertiliser following the identification of harmful bacteria by local tests.

But Seawin Biotech sent the same batch of samples to China Customs Testing Center and the internationally renowned Swiss third party testing institute SGS for retesting.

China NPQ also investigated Seawin products according to the IPPC agreement and confirmed that the products do not contain harmful bacteria. Then the Sri Lankan government decided to pay US $ 6.7 million to Seawin Biotech Group Co, Ltd.

However, it has been reported that Seawin Biotech Group will continue its fight against Sri Lanka for tarnishing its reputation by not accepting Sri Lanka’s decision to pay the Chinese company after a long delay.

Top officials of Seawin Biotech Group have approached the Shandong provincial government to press the Chinese government to impose sanctions on Sri Lanka. It is also said that it will appeal to international companies.

Meanwhile, an official of the company has alleged that some Sri Lankan local officials demanded bribes to select a Chinese biotech company to import organic fertilisers.


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