Ceylon Teachers’ Union demands reasonable solution before opening of schools 


The Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) urged the Sri Lankan government the solutions for teachers and principals salary anomalies issue before the reopening  schools on October 21. 

While addressing the media, Ceylon Teachers’ Union Secretary Joseph Stalin says, “It has been 89 days since the teachers’ and principals’ struggle. Principals of the schools with less than 200 students have been summoned today for a discussion regarding the commencement of schools. We know that the government is planning to re-open the schools on October 21. We request the government for an immediate discussion with the trade unions and to provide a reasonable solution before the deadline.”

“If not, we also have to make a decision regarding the reopening of schools on the scheduled date. At present, teachers are being called to schools for various purposes. We have informed the Education Secretary and all the Education Provincial Secretaries in writing that we will boycott all such invitations today, “ Stalin further said. 

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