Buddhist temple could jeopardise planned foreign investments – Sampanthan

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan has written to President Ranil Wickremesinghe expressing alarm over the recent unrest over the building of a Buddhist temple at Illuppaikulam in Trincomalee, warning that it could jeopardise planned foreign investments in the region.

Mr Sampanthan has informed the President that the building of the temple in a region where he claims 99% of the area residents are Tamil has led to unrest amongst people of the area and if it persists, it could lead to “undesirable consequences and unpleasant developments which we should try and avoid.”

While stating that he is not suggesting that any Buddhist monuments found at the site should not be maintained, the TNA leader has stressed the social environment should not be disturbed, particularly when substantial development with foreign investment is contemplated. While stressing that both Trincomalee and the country at large need development, Mr Sampanthan has pledged to extend the fullest support for such efforts.

The fact that there were Tamil-Buddhists seems to have eluded the erudite lawyer-politician.

The Sunday Times.

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