Attempt to establish permanent Buddhist landmarks in Kurundurmalai

Construction work is underway to permanently establish Buddhist landmark in Kurundurmalai, Mullaitivu. Also, reports have surfaced that the programs are being carried out with provisions to prove that they are historically archaic.

It is learned that these permanent constructions are being carried out under the guidance of the Department of Archeology along with the ancient systems amidst the heavy security of the army.

The Department of Archeology has occupied the area claiming that the place where the Tamil people worshiped at Kurundurmalai was a Buddhist archeological site. Regarding the serious attempts being made to convert Kurundurmalai, the native place of worship of the Tamils to Buddhism, the case was filed in the Colombo High Court.

The trial began on the 10th, but it is known that construction work is being carried out on the Kurundurmalai to install Buddhist monuments.

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