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TDA initiates the process of rescuing affected Tamils

The Tamil Diaspora Alliance, an organisation led by young people, held a meeting in Britain on Sunday (12) to explore appropriate means of rescuing Tamils ​​affected by Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. It was attended by many countries through Zoom.

Tamil Diaspora Alliance hosted in a town hall in London with community leaders, academics, and activists, to discuss the disaster management & economic relief work, “The Economic Nest” (TEN), that we have started in the homeland. We received strong support for this grand initiative, Alliance said via its twitter page.

In anticipation of the economic crisis in the homeland, he spoke about the production processes he had been experimenting with since last year. From the lesson learned, they explained the system they had developed to be suitable for the homeland.

Production groups, micro-community, collective capital formation, social capital scheme, social institutional form were explained. The new structure based on these was laid before the council. They also explained how these were created by combining experiences gained from their experimental endeavors.

Organizations that want to travel with them to this economic recovery called on activists. Already thirty-six organizations have reported being in various missions in their nest.

Sasi, Sangeeth, Gayathri, Vendan, Rakesh and Gauripara explained to the participants Guna Kaviyalagan spoke as a special guest on the politics of the economic crisis.


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