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Tamil judge fled the country due to threats of Sri Lankan government

Mullaitivu District Judge T. Saravanarajah has resigned from all his positions as a judge due to the threats and pressures he faced in the wake of the verdict on the Kurundurmalai issue.

Following is what he told the media about this:

Constant pressure was exerted by the government to reverse the orders passed by the judge in the Kurundurmalai case. Sri Lankan Mp Sarath Weerasekera and members of Parliament belonging to the majority community have threatened me both in Parliament and outside Parliament.

While the police protection for me (the judge) has been reduced recently, investigators have been constantly monitoring me.

The Attorney General invited me (Mullaitivu Judge) to meet me at his office on 21.09.2023 and pressurised me to reverse the court orders in the Kurundoormalai case.

Two cases have been filed in the Court of Appeal against me (mullaitivu judge) in connection with the Kurundur Hill case.

I have renounced all my much-loved positions of judge due to the life threats and pressures that have occurred to me on the basis of these things.

“I have sent the resignation letter to the Secretary of the Judicial Service Commission through registered post on 23-09-2023,” he said.

It is learnt that he has left the country after announcing his resignation.


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