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Tamil heroes’ day events held in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Eelam National Heroes’ Day event was held at Thanjavur Mullivaikkal yard with emotion.

At the event the lots of people have paid their respect to the freedom fighters, who gave their lives to their people in the war. Many Tamil activists, including P. Nedumaran, attended.

Meantime, The General Secretary of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, Y Gopalaswamy allies Vaiko, lit a flame amidst the pouring rain and paid homage to the heroes who laid down their lives in the Tamil Eelam War.

Director Pukhalendi Thankaraj, District Secretaries S. Jeevan, DC Rasendran, K. Kazhakumar, Saitai P. Subramanian, Minority Section Secretary Murad Bukhari and Egmore Regional Secretary Thenral Nisar were also present at the event.


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