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Reduce Military Presence in Tamil Areas – US Groups Endorse Sri Lankan Tamil Civil Society’s Call

Several US based Tamil diaspora groups have wholeheartedly endorsed a joint call by Sri Lanka based Tamil Civil Society groups to reduce the Military Presence in Tamil areas to pre-1983 level by the time any agreement is reached between Tamil leaders and the Government and as a mark of goodwill Sri Lanka should reduce 25% of the military presence in Tamils areas before any formal talks start.

There is huge military presence in Tamil areas even after the war ended thirteen years ago. Excess Military built-up started in Tamil areas since 1983. These are the same troops who committed mass atrocities against the Tamil people and are stationed among their own victims. According to UN internal review report, around seventy thousand Tamils were killed in the final six months of the war that ended in May 2009. Scores of Tamil women were sexually assaulted and raped by the Sri Lankan forces. Thousands disappeared, including Babies and Children. Despite several UN Human Rights Council Resolutions calling for accountability, not a single political or military leader was brought to justice.

Here is the joint call by the Sri Lankan Tamil Civil Society consisting of Religious Leaders, University Student Federations, Victim Groups and others:

1) Prior to any formal talks, Sri Lanka must demonstrate its goodwill by reducing the military strength in the North-East by 25% of its current level and all the lands are returned to the rightful owners. The reduction of the military should continue during the talks to reach pre-1983 levels in the North-East prior to the conclusion of any agreement that is reached.

2) Any permanent political solution for the Tamil national question should have the mandate from the Tamil people through an internationally conducted and monitored referendum with internationally recognized choices for solution.

Here is the list of Sri Lankan Tamil Civil Society who signed this call.

1) Sri La Shri Somasundara Thaeseeka Gnanasambantha Paramacharya Swamigal Nallai Aatheenam – Jaffna.
2) Reverend Father Joseph Mary SJ, Batticaloa.
3) Mr. A Vijayakumar, President, Jaffna University Students Federation.
4) Mr. N. Tharsan, President, Eastern University Students Federation. (Batticaloa).
5) Ms. Y. Kanagaranjini, President, Families of the Forcibly Disappeared Sangam North-East Provinces.
6) Thavathiru Ahaththiar Adikalarar Thenkayilai Aatheenam – Trincomalee.
7) Reverend Father Kandiah Jegathas – Batticaloa.
8) Thavathiru Velan Swamigal Sivakuru Aatheenam – Jaffna.
9) Reverend Father Sebamalai Princen – Batticaloa.
10) Reverend Father Robert Sasikaran.
11) Mr. M Komahan, Organizer, Voice of the Voiceless (Political Prisoner Group).

Here is the list of US Tamil Diaspora Organizations who endorsed the above call:

1. Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA); contact@fetna.org
2. Ilankai Tamil Sangam; president@sangam.org
3. Tamil Americans United PAC; info@tamilamericansunited.com
4. United States Tamil Action Group (USTAG); info@theustag.org
5. World Thamil Organization; wtogroup@gmail.com

Anandaraj L. Ponnambalam
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