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Gajendrakumar congratulated for his speech Calling for Referendum to Solve Tamil Question

Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam Congratulated for his Parliamentary Speech Calling for Referendum to Solve Tamil Question, Dr. Kumuthini Kunaratnam, Coordinator- Peoples Movement for Referendum (PMFR – Canada) said in a press release.

In His Speech, Mr. Ponnambalam Challenged the Government to Hold a Referendum to Gauge the Desires of the Tamil People.

I Challenge you to have a Referendum to Ask whether Tamil people are willing to accept Unitary State, Federal State, and if you have the Backbone, ask whether the Tamil people want a Separate State.”— Gajendrakumar Ponnamblam MP in Parliament on July 21, 2023TORONTO, CANADA, July 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ —

The Peoples Movement for Referendum (PMFR) in a statement extended its heartfelt congratulations to Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, Member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka, for his commendable speech in the parliamentary session on July 21st, 2023. Mr. Ponnambalam’s courageous words have echoed the aspirations and sentiments of the Tamil people, urging for their right to self-determination.

Link to the Speech: https://twitter.com/tamilkingdom1/status/1682427840539533312?s=48&t=Bw53um4m51xaVuSC3kXD1w

“I challenge you to have a referendum. Ask whether the Tamil people are willing to accept a unitary state, ask whether the Tamil people are willing to accept a federal state, and if you have the backbone, ask whether the Tamil people want a separate state!” -Gajendrakumar Ponnamblam said in Parliament

In his speech, Mr. Ponnambalam challenged the government to hold a referendum to gauge the desires of the Tamil people. He highlighted the importance of addressing the core issues faced by the Tamil community and giving them a voice in shaping their political future. By advocating for a referendum that poses crucial questions about the Tamil people’s political status, he has brought attention to their genuine concerns.

Throughout history, the Eelam Tamil community has faced challenges in having their voices heard. Sri Lanka’s political landscape has not always fostered an environment where different perspectives can be freely expressed and considered, said Dr. Kumuthini Kunaratnam,Coordinator- Peoples Movement for Referendum (PMFR – Canada) .

We must not forget the ongoing struggles faced by the Eelam Tamil people. The continued perpetration of genocide against the Eelam Tamil community remains a pressing concern, emphasizing the urgent need for immediate action and resolution. As Mr. Ponnambalam rightly stated, the only way forward is to let the Tamil people decide their destiny through an internationally monitored referendum, continued Dr. Kumuthini Kunaratnam.

“We urge the international community to heed Mr. Ponnambalam’s plea and actively support the establishment of an internationally monitored referendum that upholds the right to self-determination for the Tamil people. This is the only way to ensure that the voices of our people are truly heard and the sole democratic solution to address the Tamil problem.”

Once again, we extend our warmest congratulations to Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam for his fearless advocacy and dedication to the Tamil community’s welfare. His speech has ignited hope in the hearts of many, and we pledge our continued support to the cause he so passionately champions, she continued.

We are committed to pursuing a lasting solution to the Tamil political issues, and we will not relent in our efforts. Our firm belief is in the necessity of an internationally conducted and monitored referendum as the only viable solution to address the Eelam Tamil problem, concludes Dr. Kumuthini Kunaratnam.


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