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A dignified political solution for Tamils in Sri Lanka – Prof. Ramasamy.

It was only after the exhaustion of the armed option that a more democratic alternative solution was advanced to resolve the Tamils thirst for emancipation. Emancipation from the decades of inhuman treatment by the racist Sinhala elites condoned and abetted by some super powers.

In this regard, global Tamil conferences advanced the idea of a referendum for Tamils in the north and east of Sri Lanka. Such way forward was in keeping with international norms of democracy, peace and justice.

If referenda can be organised for other nations such as Scotland or Quebec and others, there is no reason why an internationally supervised referendum cannot be the political way forward for the long oppressed Elam Tamils.

In an international Tamil conference in Penang, the idea of referendum was proposed for Elam Tamils.
This proposal came to be termed as the Penang Declaration of 2015.

Subsequently, in a number of Tamil conferences in various global locations, the idea of referendum was mooted for resolving the Tamil National Question.

More 13 years have elapsed after the horrific genocide of Tamils, nothing concrete by way of the international community has emerged for the political, social and economic emancipation of the Elam Tamils.

Referendum for the Tamils provides a way out of the present predicament of inaction of the international community on the resolution of the Tamil national question.

Is a dignified democratic solution for the emancipation of Tamils something difficult to digest?

* Professor Ramasamy is the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang State, Malaysia.

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